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What makes us different?
At Bibu, great design, sustainability, and fair labor practices are all the way along our supply chain the core of our mission. We are a print-focused children interior brand. All of our products are of the highest quality, incredibly soft and made in Spain.
We hope that we can make a difference by offering you great products that were made with utmost respect for people and our planet.

We transform cotton textile waste and post-consumer PET bottles into a new and recycled yarn promoting Circular Economy principles. The end result is a unique, high quality, and sustainable fabric that is compliant with The Global Recycled Standards (GRS) and environmental practices.
Our manufacturing process saves thousands of liters of water, energy, textile waste from apparel industry, and meters of non-cultivated surfaces.

 quality certificates
We work closely with local providers that carries the above certifications, to ensure quality, transparency and sustainability throughout the entire manufacturing process, your guarantee of a quality organic product, free of substances harmful to health.

EU stars
Made in Spain
Our production facilities are located in the regions between Catalonia and Valencia in Spain. This ensures that we can offer competitive delivery timings, quality and transparency throughout the entire process. While providing our employees with adequate working hours.

manufacturing in Barcelona
Doing our bit for social change
We collaborate with Fundació Roure in Barcelona. Part of our production is manufacture by the Fundació’s sewing school and workshop Emili Papirer. The Fundació Roure is a non-profit organization that provides care for the needs of the elderly and families without resources in Ciutat Vella-Barcelona. For more than 25 years they have been covering basic needs and giving them tools to be autonomous. 100% of its income goes to train women without resources derived from social entities to facilitate their labor and social integration.